I was so excited when I won the Essentials of Negotiation course! It was a brand new course being offered and one that I definitely needed. I have tried many of the lessons learned, some have worked out great others need to be fine tuned. This meant I finally completed the education requirements needed after spending almost 7 years working on it. I only needed one more course at that time and when I was selected as the recipient of it, I just knew it was time for me to finish this up and make my dream of becoming an ALC – true. I am the only ALC in a 70-mile radius and I let my clients know that I am part of an elite group of professionals that have many areas of expertise and I can connect them with a fellow ALC and get them the help they need to fit their situation. And probably the best part of it all is the amazing, very talented and fun people that are in this group.

New ALC, Wendy Forthun, One Stop Realty, Mn.