Over the past years, the Foundation has supported educational programs for the Land Institute; funded scholarships provided funds for revisions and updates to educational courses.

The Foundation has been blessed with the support of the Members of the REALTORS® Land Institute, its chapters, and land owners whose support has manifested itself financially to the Foundation in the form of bequests, auctions and other fund raising activities.

The Foundation wishes to express sincere appreciation for all those efforts, support and contributions.


HALL OF FAME Level Land Patrons $10,000 (+)

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Otto Sprenger

Robert Meeks*

Harry Finkleman*

Catherine Cole


PLATINUM Level Land Patrons $7,500-$9,999

Richard Bretz

Ray Brownfield

Joey Michaletz


GOLD Level Land Patrons $5,000-$7,499

North Carolina RLI Chapter

Stephen Good* (Stephen Good, Sheldon Good Auction Co. contributed education scholarships

Bill Esenbaugh


SILVER Level Land Patrons $3,000 – $4,999

Casey Berley

George Clift

David Light

Sean Paul

Frank Roberts

Chuck Wingert


BRONZE Level Land Patrons $1,000-$2,900

Pete Alfano

Mac Boyd

Joey Burns

Phil Evans

Stephen French

Tommy Funk

Robby Grainger

Jacob Hart

Terri Jensen

Mike Jones

Samuel Kain

Norma Nisbet

Dan Perez

REALTORS® Land Institute

Flo Sayre

Tom Smith


Richard Thompson

Bob Turner

Mark Williams


HORIZON Level Land Patrons $100-$999

Paul Bottari

Janet Branton

Bill Burruss III

Jimmie Coffey

Craig Conlee

Thomas Damon

Greg Ganzkow

Johnathon Goode

Kyle Hansen

George Harvey

Renee Harvey

Dan Hatfield

Richard Havens

Richard Hefley

Fred Helper

David Hitchcock

Kurt Hollenberg

Jan Hope

Dennis Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Timothy Kellogg

Michael Matre

Kasey Mock

Justin Osborn

Rodney Osterloh

Terry Pauling

Todd Robertson

Brandon Rogillio

Jimmy Settle

William Sheridan

Daniel Smith

Sheldon Snyder

Winnie Stortzum

Dawn Truax

Regina Tuttle

Michael Vance

Kirk Weih

C Brent Wellings


*denotes deceased

The philanthropic endeavors of these individuals are an example for all who know, appreciate, and have a ‘love of the land’ and may want to continue the perpetuation and support of that heritage.